UPDATES (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

I know it’s been a while so here are some updates. I have a YouTube channel! :D
Right now I’ve got a fair amount of videos and many of them feature the items you see in the above photos! So check it out if you’d like!

I’ve also been working on some creative projects over the summer and one of them is a typographic poster of the lyrics to Beemo’s friendship song. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s pretty close to completion now.

Lastly, I have a twitter account that I’m using a lot more frequently lately. Check it out here.

And that’s all my updates for now!


Backyard berry picking

We have a couple blackberry and raspberry bushes in our backyard, so every morning we pick a bunch to add to our breakfast. Nothing beats fresh fruit. :)

Tia the teacup elephant // Animal Crossing figurine

I’ve never played Animal Crossing, but after hearing rave reviews about New Leaf, and getting a 3DS for Christmas, I’m going to buy it (eventually)! And I really hope one of the villagers I get is Tia, an elephant/teapot hybrid. That’s two of my favourite things combined! She is absolutely adorable so I decided to make her into a figurine to accompany the Beemo on my desk. :)

I made her out of 6 year old Sculpey (this shit could last through an apocalypse, fo serious). It was difficult since I made her so small, and the clay is so old. But for someone who hasn’t worked with it in years, I’m quite proud of my handiwork.


Photos by Alex Fronckiewicz.
Illustration by justduet.


Girl on cellphone // Sketch

I recently got an idea for a web comic that I’m super excited to work on, and now need to brush up on my people drawing skills. So I’ve been doing a couple sketches with reference to online photos since I’m not able to attend figure drawing classes at the moment. This one was drawn by looking at the photo below, which is up on my Pinterest “My Style” board.


Drawing © Alex Fronckiewicz.
Photo source unknown.


Inspiration Corkboard // updated!

Today I re-arranged the corkboard that sits at my desk. It now consists mostly of the business cards, post cards, and stickers I got from TCAF and taafi. Not pictured is a sand dollar I recently acquired. My niece who lives in Canada has an identical one; we called them our friendship shells. Also, the photo of the little ballerina is from an antique store in Prague which I bought for about 65 cents.
I really like the subtle mint green & pink colour scheme of these photos. : )

Not that kind of taffy // taafi 2014

Two days ago I went to taafi—not the candy, but the Toronto Animation Arts Festival International. Though, I did have my fair share of sweets cause there were many bowls of them at the booths. :)

It was my first time going so I didn't know what to expect. I knew there were a lot of awesome workshops but none of them apply to my field of work, so I just went to see one panel. At the Creating Bee & Puppycat talk, Natasha Allegri was speaking about her work (she is the creator, if you didn't already know). It was a great panel, with lots of laughs, and we even got to watch an animatic (animated storyboard) of one of her new episodes! It was hilarious and just makes me so much more excited to see it when it's complete! Since I donated money to it's Kickstarter, I've been getting production updates and it all looks wonderful so far!

While I was there, I got to speak with her for a bit when the talk was over. I wanted to bring my copy of the Bee & Puppycat comic but it seemed it to have gotten lost on my way downtown. Luckily I had a notebook, so I asked her to draw me something.

Afterwards, I checked out the maarket (booths and merch) where I picked up a couple interesting business cards, ate a lot of free candy, and played a demo of Runbow which was really fun!