Backyard berry picking

We have a couple blackberry and raspberry bushes in our backyard, so every morning we pick a bunch to add to our breakfast. Nothing beats fresh fruit. :)


Childhood Photos

While visiting my grandma’s apartment, I went through some old photo albums and picked out a few favourites of myself when I was a kid. I also found many of my mother, but she’s usually very private so I’ll have to make sure it’s okay with her before I post any of them.

The top photo is obviously an ultrasound of me, and I’m thinking of getting a lightbox so I can display it. The second is when I was 7 years old (clearly showing an interest in animals early on), and the last one, I was about 10 years old.


Instagram Favourites

Dzesika is a Toronto-based professional photographer whose photos all have this wonderful vintage feel to them. When I look through her feed, I feel as though I can hear Home by Edward Sharpe playing in the background. I’ve even modelled for some of her photos which you can see on her tumblr. Also, don’t forget to check out her marvellous wedding photography and her work in Vogue Italia!

Kat’s photos always have this cozy feeling to them, like you’ve been welcomed into a close friends’ home, and been given a hearty meal and a cold beer. I love her attention to colour and composition, and how some photos include a little story—like the top-most photo which is very touching. Overall, I just really love the mood and feeling of her photos. You can also check out her tumblr thatkindofwoman which is equally awesome!

All photos © their respective owners. Used with permission.


Incendies Zine Launch Party

Yesterday night I went to the launch party of Incendies’s fourth issue: Space. For the occasion, I wore my galaxy print dress as I thought it would be appropriate. :) It was held at a DIY bike shop called Bike Pirates which was super rad! I made a couple buttons, ate some pizza and vegan baked goods, and caught up with my dear friends whom I haven’t seen since New York!
It wonderful to be part of this event, and to support the creators of Incendies which is York University’s only arts & culture feminist zine! They are also on Facebook if you wanna know more!

P.S. The last 4 pictures were taken in the washroom. It was an awesome washroom.


New York Trip 2014

A couple days ago I got back from a 5 day trip to New York with a group of friends to celebrate one of their birthdays. While it was my 4th visit to the Big Apple, it was my first time there without parents and completely organized by us. By the second day we had already started calling the hotel “home” in casual conversation. Needless to say it was a wonderful trip!

I forget the name of this place, but the stone baked pizza was delicious! We came here after a long morning of in the cold during a free Walking Tour of Williamsburg.

I never knew that people are able to walk on top of the Brooklyn Bridge! With the snow falling everywhere, and seeing the city lit up, this place was surreal.

Went to the Plaza Hotel where I was hoping to visit the Eloise at the Plaza gift shop but couldn't find it and ran out of time. Afterwards, we went to FAO Schwarz and explored it thoroughly. At one point we acted out a little skit using the muppets in the Whatnot Workshop cause we’re five years old. Then we went to Dylan’s Candy Bar not only because it was close by, but also to get a souvenir for my friend who is actually named Dylan.

Visited the Museum of Natural History where we rested underneath the giant whale (where they sometimes have sleepovers for kids), checked out a free show at the Hayden Planetarium, and then out of nowhere I met the magical ALBinWonderland! :D Could not believe my luck! I was super nervous, but she and her friend were super nice!

We wanted to eat at Mac Bar (which is shaped like a piece of macaroni) but it was too small and completely busy. Instead we found this gem! SoHo Park, a darling restaurant that has park benches to sit on, real trees stung with lights, and vines growing on the walls!

I never knew that the ceiling in Grand Central Station was painted with constellation of the zodiac! It was literally a jaw dropping experience; I think I stood for about a minute with my mouth gaping open at the gorgeousness of it all. We also checked out the Whispering Wall which totally blew my mind!

After being completely confused and amazed by the interactive/immersive play Sleep No More (a 1930’s style re-interpretation of Macbeth), one of my friends and I decided to see a Broadway show as well. This was the view from out seats at Chicago which was very enjoyable!